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More Than Just Ornamental


Hello Hello,

We may design ornaments but the meaning behind them makes them more than just ornamental.

As a designer my biggest task is designing my life. The tenets are having purpose, prioritizing wellness and having a consistent yet evolving style. I try to curate my life, family and experiences with the same personal approach I take to our brand.

We take a jewelry approach to lifestyle design - our intention is to bring joy, beauty and healing into your life. It is our hope that our pieces resonate with you to keep mindfulness top of mind with a pleasing aesthetic. 

Sending Love and Light your way,



We are thrilled to see our ornament collection live on Free People - their photography team really captured the essence of our designs bringing them to life. 


We have the cutest mini crystal grids, mixed media dreamcatchers, glimmering herkimer diamond stars, cleansing sage and palo santo, ethically sourced healing crystals, yoga and chakra collections! Something for everyone - hang on your wall, car, office, home, bag, or tree!


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