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It's Valen-time

Hello Hello,
The etymology of the word Valentine is derived from the Latin word 'valens', which means "strong and healthy". This is wonderful food for thought... Lets reflect on this.

Love of yourself and others is certainly a state of being that makes us strong and healthy.

To me love is like being in a state of equilibrium. It is the balancing force in our lives.

If we do not have the capacity to love others, if we do not have the capacity to love ourselves... then we are out of balance and not in our natural state. It takes a lot of energy to NOT love, it is something that is forced. Intuitive instincts lead us to love, whereas fear, thoughts and trauma can cause us to hate. If we feel unloved its like a energy leak we experience, it is depleting.
We can easily get wounded when we do not feel loved or if our heart has been broken. Lack of love in our loves is like living as an uncharged battery.

If we do experience heartbreak of any capacity, the only way to put back the pieces is doing the work ourselves. Our emotions and feelings are like a puzzle we can piece back together one at a time. If we view our heart as a puzzle, then when we face any heartbreak or grief, the puzzle pieces show their seams, or pop out of place. Just like the irregular lines of a puzzle, we all have some lines that define us, our scars give us our very own shape. Embrace the imperfections and flaws and make them your own.

Try to just reflect on the feelings love brings to mind, meditate on them, have gratitude for them. If you acknowledge any pain, heartbreak, trauma, feelings of being unloved or unseen, meditate on those too and find compassion to nurture yourself back to wholeness.

I wish each and everyone of you a happy valentines day, a moment to celebrate LOVE from its purest to most complex forms.
Sending positive energy your way,

The ultimate gift for a loved one or for yourself this Valentines day - take advantage of this combination with bundle savings value! 

This stunning keepsake box has a lovely magnetic closure and dreamy gold foil details to swoon over. 

This set is the ultimate for self love, care and romance. Gorgeous palette of rose gold, gold, motifs of hearts and florals, with the healing energy of rose quartz. Rose quartz is a very powerful crystal to promote peace, harmony, love, self love and romance. Each piece is sacred and will be cherished. This is the ultimate valentines indulgence! Use the lovely sachet to infuse into your bath tub to elevate the energy of your personal ritual.

This set contains:

A rose gold heart dish with rose quartz

A gold crystal grid ornament with rose quartz

An intuition pendulum made of rose gold and rose quartz

A rose quartz bath infusion sachet (learn more about bath crystals)

A brass heart button pusher key chain.

Totally heart this dining set up featuring our metal coasters at ABC home in NYC!

Over the moon for how this garland looks in this magnificent interior space!

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