A space to celebrate, dance, sing, and meditate in ✨ - Ariana Ost

A space to celebrate, dance, sing, and meditate in ✨

Hello Hello,
Happy February!

January was so powerful for me doing insight timers 31 day meditation challenge. I adored discovering so many brilliant meditation artists and unearthed many parts of myself. Yesterday I did a daily insight meditation with one of the instructors Sarah Blondin called "Access Your Inner Source Of Hope".

She raised four questions that blew me away. She says in ancient cultures if you went to a medicine man or shaman being disheartened, dispirited or depressed they would ask...

"When did you stop dancing?
When did you stop singing?
When did you stop being enchanted by stories?
When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?"
Some of her answers included...
"Dance beside your struggles
Sing your pain to sleep
Find refuge in the silence of your body"
I literally rewound this 3 times to re-listen. I could not believe how simple, how human, how on point this was? It reawakened a spark and joy deep within me... I wanted to turn the light back on within myself, dance, sing, get so deeply intrigued by a story, and find the meditative state within myself honoring silence.
This reaffirms my design mission to elevate the everyday experience through wellness. Seeing how impactful our pretty visual meditations are gives me such a sense of purpose. The decor brings beauty to a space which just fills my cup. I hope our pieces are the positive tipping point in your space to make it a place to celebrate, dance, sing, marvel, love, learn, smile and feel at peace.

A great example is to look how much light this flower of life linear wall hanging brings to a space.
Sending positive energy your way,
This week I got the chills from this interaction... The winner of the supernatural giveaway finally got her treasures! The message that she wrote on her story pierced through my heart and brought me to tears. Laini just lost her mother, and the first day she got back home from being away she got our package.

The blurb she wrote about the north star symbolizing her mother is the most poetic and authentic expression. As you all know I lost my mother when I was 25 years old, so my heart goes out to anyone who has faced such a loss.

My entire design collection is a tribute to the creativity and love my mother so deeply instilled in me. I am so glad that this north star grid is extra resonant, it is a visual meditation to find your guiding star. Add this gorgeous piece to any space that needs extra light and shine. 

ournaling is such a cathartic ritual and we make it such a pretty experience! Choose from our intention or gratitude journals!

V-day is approaching!!!! Check the box and gift yourself or loved one this awesome bundle.

This stunning keepsake box has a lovely magnetic closure and dreamy gold foil details to swoon over. 

This set is the ultimate for self love, care and romance. Gorgeous palette of rose gold, gold, motifs of hearts and florals, with the healing energy of rose quartz. Rose quartz is a very powerful crystal to promote peace, harmony, love, self love and romance. Each piece is sacred and will be cherished. This is the ultimate valentines indulgence! Use the lovely sachet to infuse into your bath tub to elevate the energy of your personal ritual.

This set contains:

A rose gold heart dish with rose quartz

A gold crystal grid ornament with rose quartz

An intuition pendulum made of rose gold and rose quartz

A rose quartz bath infusion sachet (learn more about bath crystals)

A brass heart button pusher key chain.

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