Introducing our sweetheart mega stone crystal grid! - Ariana Ost

Introducing our sweetheart mega stone crystal grid!

Hello Hello,

Introducing our sweetheart mega stone crystal grid! This stunning new wall hanging will make your heart flutter and skip a beat. The pulsating energy from these large stones are palpable. Let them bring love, positive energy, healing and shine into your space! So proud of this fresh take on a heart silhouette it feels so contemporary and playful.

How is everyone? I have been trying very hard to come up above water... have felt like I am sinking lately. Working on reprogramming victim or survival mentality into thriving and living my best life. In many ways I am living my best life there is just residual programming I am working on letting go of. It is very easy to blame circumstances but I am trying to own it all. Instead of why is this happening to me - I ask What is this here to fix or teach me? I am much more un-phased by out of the ordinary things that are happening. Working on being less reactive has been game changing. Tuning in to the energy of gratitude and love is a great option. I have been deepening my roots to stay grounded, centered, and stoic.

Personally I have been loving listening to Will Cole's podcastand have been getting regular acupuncture treatments. 

Sending positive energy your way,

I'm still not over it either... 

Nothing like in person experiences for wellness, sense of community and engagement.

Honored to be part of another female owned business celebration with Honest Beauty . I love working with gems of people like Jessica Alba and the earths crystals.

I offer meditation, crystal reading, color visualization, yoga and gratitude practices. 
The open air halcyon necklace is so light and fresh now available in silver for a cooler feeling!
The dripping stone hair tie momentum is still going strong! They are so fresh and playful in many color combo iterations. 
Spring is here. I have been working on my garden... my herbs survived and thrived from last year. I was so happy to see my thyme flowering edible flowers yum! I planted tomatoes, peppers, basil etc... I am still a novice - all tips welcome!!!
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