Crystal readings for Honest Beauty and Jessica Alba - Ariana Ost

Crystal readings for Honest Beauty and Jessica Alba

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What a week! Thank you to honest beauty and Jessica Alba for inviting me to give crystal readings at their new product launch event at The Well in NYC. The event was brimming with editors and influencers in the beauty space.

It was so lovely and experience based... there was hospitality in every touch of the event. Food and drinks, foot massages, makeup stations... product giveaways and more. 

Jessica is holding our mega sunburst grid - the sunshine and colors suit her aura perfectly. She is so kind and bright shining her light and making the world a more beautiful place with raised wellness awareness.

I was given a room to do some crystal readings... We set up selenite bowls filled with all the crystals... We organized them by color and showcased a sunburst grid in the center to emanate and pop!
Based on what crystal one chose, I explained what it means energetically and from a color perspective. How it may relate to you, healing properties and more. 
I then made people write out a list of 3-5 things they are grateful for and relate it to their crystal choice. I was so touched by seeing what makes everyone grateful and how it changed their energy field to dip into a state of gratitude. We then discussed how the list relates to the crystal. I finished with using a tuning fork on the crystal for sound healing. By releasing the frequency and vibration of the stone with a tuning fork it promotes nervous system healing, balance and vagus nerve toning.

Thanks for having me I love meeting people and being part of special events!

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Sending positive energy your way,


Literally the cutest hair pins! Dripping stone healing crystal motif pins. 

These stunning hair pins are inspired by our healing garlands collection.  Delicately wrapped crystals elevate your everyday hairstyle.

Behind the scenes at our design atelier studio in NYC.



Just added a daintier version of our best selling hair crystals! Shorter length and more delicate scale crystals.

This one is great if you want a lighter weight piece... the elastic is also smaller making it perfect to style for children as well.

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