A dreamcatcher that shines like the stars... - Ariana Ost

A dreamcatcher that shines like the stars...

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On my path I am trying to embody the abundance mindset. Abundance is an overflowing of everything good in your life. I work on pulling myself away from fear, scarcity, anxiety or thoughts of why me... Some days seem like you are in sync with the universe and everything just flows. Other days feel stuck, and thats okay, just observe the difference in your own energy. We cannot always be in the best mood but we can have the best mindset no matter what. To me embodying abundance is knowing that anything and everything is possible and it is up to me to facilitate it.

I like to imagine my energy to be positive enough to cause ripple effects and changes outside myself. Knowing that each design that the Ariana Ost team creates has endless possibilities, to make someones day better, space prettier, embrace new healing rituals, and help discover the depth within each of us is the greatest gift. Giving is receiving. I give you all a piece of my heart and soul with each new creation - I hope that energy is palpable. 

 The designs we create are to remind us of these messages... Swoon for our newest celestial dreamcatcher with aura quartz, star chain, herkimer diamonds and dip dye silk. This is the perfect piece to catch your dreams and make them shine like the stars.

A dreamcatcher can be very symbolic, the symmetry of the piece and the shining stars and crystals can allow you to experience a visual meditation. Create positive associations looking at beautiful things to celebrate beauty in your life and the world around you. Use healing crystals to set positive intentions, it is up to you to make your crystals work for you and with you. Nothing should be forced, or feel stuck. Connect with your crystals and allow them to amplify your own frequency. Create rituals with your crystals to help ground you and lift you up.

No matter how much adversity may be happening in the world crystals always shine, they do not lose their luster, maybe they get some dents, inclusions or scratches but it gives them even more character and charm.

Sending positive energy your way,

This week on a beautiful sunny day we got to visit the Free People HQ at the navy yard. Their offices are the dreamiest and the sun was shining to take some meetings outdoors! We are so honored to partner with FP as our designs truly resonate with their audience and they allow us such creative liberties! Check out below new designs they just dropped and see what we offer for them... click here
This healing crystal garland dropped on FP last weekend and is already sold out - wow that was fast!!!! Love their photography to capture the beauty of the design and inherent properties the crystals showcase!
These selenite bowls come with loose crystals! Selenite is great to cleanse and recharge crystals as it holds similar powers to the moonlight!
Our intention journal has been such a hit at free people - they just added our dreamy gratitude journal! I hope it resonates and really helps people find more gratitude and see the positivity in their lives. A journal may look beautiful and inspiring but without your words its empty... these blank pages are seeking your input!
On a personal level I highly enjoyed this podcast episode with the author of the secret. Amazing listen! Trying to embody all the nuggets of wisdom here.
Six years ago today I became a mother! The pregnancy, birthing experience, and motherhood has forever changed me, humbled me and allowed me to explore depths of myself I did not know possible. Happy birthday Aurelie - my golden light and raison d'etre!

Today I sent in healing crystals for her to share with her class and let everyone choose one or two to keep that most resonate with them. Children are so intuitive and probably know how to pick just what they need, maybe because of the stones color, shape, or shine. I explained to the class on zoom that stones come from nature... we need to bring rocks and crystal inside to celebrate what comes from the earth - the same way we bring plants into our space. Our crystals come from all over the world and showcase the beauty that exists on this planet.
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