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emotional color therapy for our energy centers

Color is such a powerful tool to communicate with. Designing with color allows me to tell a story or create something with specific intention. I find the emotional symbolism of color to be quite intriguing.

 The colors are also associated with our chakra energy centers, they are powerful visualization tools for healing. Every energy center has emotional associations that we can balance with color.

The root chakra, associated with the color 
red is located at the base our our spine by our pelvic floor. It represents our ability to feel grounded through stability and having a connection to a community. Red is a color with the longest wavelength and easily grabs our attention. It is the color of blood and fire which are both very dramatic. To balance our root chakra we need to feel like a we have a strong foundation with deep roots within ourselves and our environment. There is a very strong physical energy in this area of the body that we can use to harness energy throughout the rest of our body. 

The sacral chakra, associated with the color 
orange is located right beneath our naval point in our digestive center. It represents our ability to feel creative, there is a strong feminine energy with this chakra connected to the uterus. Orange is a mix of red and yellow so carries both of those psychological properties. Orange is associated with sensuality, feeling, digestion and has a very fun vibrant energy. To balance our sacral chakra we need to make sure we eat a balanced diet, nourish ourselves, and fulfill our creative needs.

The solar plexus chakra, associated with the color 
yellow is located at the top of our belly underneath our heart. It represents our self will, self worth and personal power. It reflects our intellect and ability to find joy. It is the sunshine center of our body. Our adrenal glands are there which trigger stress hormones and fight or flight, which is a personal choice to take control of our own lives. Yellow is the color of the sun and is always there even if hiding behind the clouds, we need to find our own ability to shine bright. Yellow represents optimism and has a long and strong stimulating frequency.

The heart chakra, associated with the color 
green is located in the center of our chest. It represents our ability to feel love, compassion and peace. Green is in the center of the color spectrum which is the easiest on the eyes, our eyes do not have to do any adjusting to look at green. Green represents nature and is the ultimate color of healing. Looking at greenery is so soothing to our heart to open us up to pure love. Green is the ultimate color of balance and harmony.

The throat chakra, associated with the color 
blue is located in our throat. It represents our ability to feel fluid and symbolizes the power of communication and expression. The color blue appears to be further away than it may be making it a powerful tool to balance the mind. In nature blue is the water and sky which both have a tranquil energy.  Water has a strong reflective power which represents our own self reflection. The throat represents our ability to speak up for ourselves, say what we need and communicate. 

The third eye chakra, associated with the color 
purple is located in the center of our eyes in our brain. It represents our ability to connect to our intuition and inner wisdom. Purple is the shortest wavelength and closest to our eyes, hence the spiritual location. Purple has been associated with royalty, meditation and is a powerful color like the dark mystical night where we reflect. Purple is a combination of red and blue, balancing physical and mental properties within us.  Use your third eye to be introspective and spiritual.

The crown chakra, associated with the color 
white is located at the top of our head. It represents our ability to feel connected to the divine. White is a reflection of all the colors, making everything come together for ultimate inner reflection. It is at the top of our body closest to the heavens to allow for metaphysical growth. It is like an angelic halo shining around us and elevating us to the higher powers of the universe. Use your crown to shine bright and radiate the reflection of all your balanced energy centers. 

Sending Love and Light your way,


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