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Cast Lettuce Garden Tool

Cast Lettuce Garden Tool

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  • Hand MadeHandcrafted in NYC
  • IconMade with Recycled Metals
  • ArianaEthically Sourced Crystals
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Experience the magic of gardening with our Cast Lettuce Garden Tool. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this tool brings the beauty and textures of real lettuce leaves to life.

With its golden hue and lifelike appearance, our garden tool adds a touch of enchantment to your gardening experience. Each piece is a testament to our unwavering commitment to turning nature's bounty into functional art.

Created through a meticulous process, we start by coating real lettuce leaves in clay, layering them to perfection. The leaves are then transformed into a wax mold, allowing us to re-sculpt any imperfections before casting them into metal. The end result is a masterpiece that marries the organic charm of lettuce with the durability of metal.

At Ariana Ost, we take a jewelry-inspired approach to design, ensuring that each piece is as visually stunning as it is practical. Our Cast Lettuce Garden Tool is no exception, featuring a dimension of 7.5" x 2.75" x 0.75" and weighing just 7 ounces.

The key features and benefits of our Cast Lettuce Garden Tool include:

  • Realistic lettuce leaf textures and details
  • Meticulously crafted using a unique clay casting process

Elevate your gardening game with our Cast Lettuce Garden Tool. Add a touch of whimsy and functionality to your garden today. SKU - A640.

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