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social distancing but energetically closer

Hello Hello,
So doesn't life look a lot differently than it did on last Monday in NYC? Restaurants and schools have closed, group culture has shut down, life is on pause, everything has been cancelled!!! 
Please watch my LATEST -  IGTV video on instagram @arianaostny with some powerful thoughts and messages. I hope that it will resonate with you and inspire some deep thinking...

Here were the main takeaways:

Have empathy for people suffering, send healing energy and practice compassion.

This virus is only something that can be seen under a microscope but look how powerful it is? There is no cure for something so small with a massive impact. Same way that energy is invisible to the naked eye but it is so palpable. There is so much that we still do not understand... Positive energy can take us a long way if we implement it as a tool. Use your invisible force to make magnificent visible impacts... 

RE: Fear
Things are out of our control, we have entered unknown and unchartered territory... Scary but freaking exciting as well... The only time is NOW - we can make an impact, make change, pave the way, create, innovate and inspire! 

The sky is falling but catch the stardust and create magic.

What about small businesses? How can we survive? Big companies can take amazing measures and protocols due to their fortunate financial reserves. What can we do to support brands and local businesses we love to help them survive this. My company relies on people as we make physical products. There are so many moving parts to consider, supply chain, delivery services. I so respect companies that are making digital offerings, technology is a savior at this time, we are blessed with platforms to stay connected! How can we use our currency as an energetic charge to flow and serve during this time of crisis... ideas anyone?

Comparison to the personal loss I experienced of my mother. During that time of grief everyone else's lives were business as usual and just went on when mine was so broken. Now this is affecting everyone we are a collective. We are all together in this... let's stay united!

Our generation has experienced a golden age of luxury, travel, status quo, overconsumption, image, social media and endless opportunity. Maybe we can appreciate what we have previously taken for granted... prioritize what is important in the present moment-  health, family, safety and wellness.

Do things to heal your soul, meditate, nourish your body, sound healing, breath work, journaling, yoga, exercise. We have so many resources available to us... we are blessed. We are self quarantining in the luxury of our homes, torn by a sickness not by war.

Social distancing and crystal grid analogy: The image going around of the smoked matches and the one that pulled away saved all of the others was so powerful to me. It made me look more closely at our crystal grids. They are composed of different colored stones on the same map, the same foundation, the same base, resting on the flower of life. They are not touching yet they remain so connected and energetically beautiful. Its a great visual analogy. The synergetic effects of stones as a community so connected in the same world, but staying apart to each shine and hold their own power. 
Sending safe wishes and love,
Some amazing ideas for more home time... Journaling for introspection and creative expression...

Enhancing the scent and energy of your air at home with sage, palo santo and incense...

Crystal grid ornaments to hang on door knobs...

Also Email to book digital experiences with me during this time of social distancing... - I offer crystal healing lessons, chakra balancing, sound healing, yoga and speaking on personal emotional topics / wellness rituals and tips for these times! 
Celebrate the opportunity to be with your loved ones and cohabitants!
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