fear is in the air... words of light in dark times - Ariana Ost

fear is in the air... words of light in dark times


Hello Hello,

Sharing some relatable and vulnerable thoughts that come up as I do my own work. My mind has been spiraling from the media. I try to catch myself to get out of engaging in these immune compromising thoughts and mental loops. Fear is as contagious if not more lethal than the virus! Fear is a mental pandemic crisis. Fear compromises the immune system's ability to function. Wash your hands, and  practice meditation to wash any contaminated thoughts from your mind. Keep clean physically, mentally and spirituality. 

I have been reading to stay informed and be vigilant… all we can do is stay hopeful and spread our light. Wearing my selenite necklace which represents the moon goddess Selene. What does the moon represent and do? It lights up the night and shines in the darkest of dark times… So here is to light and positive energy to brighten the somber climate.

Please watch my IGTV video on instagram @arianaostny with some powerful thoughts and messages. I hope that it will resonate and inspire you to stay grateful and in the present moment.

Sending empathy and love out to anyone affected by the virus, its crazy that something so small like microbes can have such a big and detrimental global impact. Our world needs collective healing... 

Sending immune boosting vibes and safe wishes,

Email to book digital experiences with me during this time of social distancing... bonjour@arianaost.com - I offer crystal healing lessons, chakra balancing, sound healing, yoga and speaking on personal emotional topics / wellness rituals and tips for these times! 

An exciting new product launch of Crystal Infused Hand Sanitizer is in the works and coming so soon so stay tuned!

Spray bottle with hanging copper hamsa charm… beautiful crystal chips will be floating inside the spray bottle for energy and visual beauty. We used top quality essential oils and ethically sourced crystals, glass bottle, custom labelling and brand pouch. Its so luxe - We are obsessed!

Take matters into your own hands… feel joy in taking action to cleanse and protect with positive energy. 

Let crystals bring light and immune boosting vibes. Enjoy the visually pleasing beauty of watching crystals float around in this bottle. Handmade with love at our design studio in New York City. 

Green aventurine - For heart healing, immune-boosting and connection to nature.

Amethyst - For dreams and anxiety relief. 

Quartz - For clarity, strength and light. 

Retail - $24

March is a very special month it is my husband and daughter's birthday... So grateful we were able to celebrate together!


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