Our sunburst has gone mega shiny! - Ariana Ost

Our sunburst has gone mega shiny!

Hello Hello,

How does one keep raising the bar? We were so enamored with our best selling sunburst grid - its gorgeous color combo offerings, hand sculpted details, perfect balanced symmetry and we asked how can we dream even bigger? We designed a much larger base with staggering rays of light for a more organic feel, sculpted a new textured center for a 3d pop and voila. Our other sunburst is approx 8-9" diameter and the new MEGA one is 14" in scale. It has a wow effect and we chose a delightful array of healing crystals to make it pop. It will certainly make any space brighter and add sunshine.

How can we shine bigger and brighter in our own lives? Sometimes we feel there are clouds in the way, but it's still our passionate, bright and hot selves underneath ready to shine their light. Our circumstances, mindset and thoughts can get in our way and make us feel blocked. Try to connect to every color of yourself and reignite your own flame. Many things try to keep us small, a visual reminder like the sun reminds us to think big and be grateful. The sun gives us nourishment and inspiration, and consistency. The sky is the limit and we are so grateful we pushed our own design bar with this reimagined sunburst grid. It sits so beautifully next to the smaller one to make a gorgeous decor duo powerhouse.

Sending positive energy your way,



Rainbow Healing Crystal Statement Necklace

Brand new exciting design!

Hand wrapped rough crystals in a lovely Georgian inspired silhouette. Perfect for party attire or over a white tee shirt. Very versatile. 

Features - 

Fuchsite-  For heart healing, love and mica like sparkle.

Yellow Calcite - for hope and motivation.

                                      Pyrite -  For success and luck and golden sparkle with grounding properties     
Rose Quartz - for peace, love, calm, romance. 
 Aquamarine - for calm and tranquility, connection to water and fluidity.


Handmade in our NYC design studio with love! Dimensions - 18" + 4" extender.




                      Behind the scenes at our design atelier studio in NYC.               



Inspired by Kandinsky's colors, shapes and motifs at the dreamy Guggenheim Museum.




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