In winter we shed what no longer serves us. Then we tap into our inner greatness and regrow our leaves, flowers and showcase our inner beauty. - Ariana Ost

In winter we shed what no longer serves us. Then we tap into our inner greatness and regrow our leaves, flowers and showcase our inner beauty.


Hello Hello,

Spring is here in New York City! Every year I marvel at the new buds of growth and the potential present in leaves and flowers. It represents possibility. Organic Growth!

It makes me think of rebuilding... human nature is to be complacent where as nature uses its roots and foundation to reinvent itself. In winter we shed what no longer serves us. Then we tap into our inner greatness and regrow our leaves, flowers and showcase our inner beauty. The spring flowers are like a peak moment but the whole year is a process to be present in to then marvel at the special moments. We can always style ourselves in a new way.

If I were a tree I may think my old leaves were so beautiful, how can I let them go? This process again? Take tons of nutrients and light to regrow leaves when they were here less than a year ago? Or I may think - I have another chance, hope, light, love around me let me create beauty for nature's sake... contribute oxygen to the planet. Tree's are so inspiring, rooted, reborn every year and standing tall always springing forward!

 Our tree of life grid is almost ready!!!

Never stop digging deep and reinventing yourself!

Sending positive energy your way,

All I Have to say is wow to tik tok - and thank you rue! This organic genuine post of Rue sharing her enthusiasm of this piece being gifted to her by her Mother in Law has been epic.

This stunning hair tie is inspired by our healing garlands collection.  Delicately wrapped crystals elevate your everyday hairstyle. Wearing it has made me feel so playful and young again...

We have 6 different color ways for your fancy!
New dripping stones moon hair pin with moonstone healing crystals!

Wall Mount Candle Holder Lunar Healing Crystal Grid

We are over the moon for this wall mounted candle holder crystal grid! We created the perfect wall piece for an old fashioned feel with a modern aesthetic of a candle lit sconce. The candle holder is far away from the wall and has a little built in dish to cash the wax. Comes with one honey beeswax candle and fits a 1" diameter candle.

Bask in the moonlight with candlelight on moon phase motifs! Moon phases represent how cyclical life is always morphing and flowing into new phases. We also shine different amounts of light and cast different shadows each day. 

Crystals include-

Black Tourmaline- a high vibration powerful healing crystal that represents ultimate protection. The color black is the absorption of all colors which symbolizes power.

Amethyst - for anxiety relief, dream promotion, connection to intuition.

Citrine- For joy and abundance like sunshine. 

Clear Quartz - For strength, reflection, light and power. 

Rose Quartz-  For peace, love, and healing.

Pyrite- For success and luck and golden sparkle with grounding properties.

This piece is sure to improve the vibration of your space in a beautiful way. The moon has been almighty and powerful to civilization since the beginning of time and this is our little design tribute to the magic the moon offers us. 

Open Air Halcyon Healing Crystal Necklace

Stunning powerful mixed media necklace. Open air wire collar with dripping healing crystals to dangle close to your heart. This necklace makes a major statement by being bohemian yet goddess like all at the same time.

Hand wrapped rough crystals in a lovely contemporary fresh silhouette.

Features - 

Quartz is a very powerful healing crystal that provides strength and positive energy. The aura coating is heat treated with vaporized gold to make the stone have an ab iridescent effect. The stones are so reflective with a rainbow like shine and add shimmer and magic to any environment. These stones are ethically sourced from Brazil. They help calm and heal our aura, and bring soothing energy allowing us to release negativity we have held onto.


Handmade in our NYC design studio with love!

Our sweetest handwrapped mini herkimer diamond hoop earrings!

We are a father daughter family business with a dreamy design studio atelier where we make magic happen! Read past editions of our newsletter on our blog so inspiration, insights and honest emotional pieces.


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