Unpacking Toxic Positivity & Our hand-sanitizer is finally here... - Ariana Ost

Unpacking Toxic Positivity & Our hand-sanitizer is finally here...

Hello Hello,
Hoping everyone has adjusted and processed all that the world is facing right now. There are so many layers... I will share my feelings and hope that they are relatable or resonant with you.

I am part of a whatsapp cousins chat with a few of my close female cousins that I grew up with. Everyone is in different stages of life and hearing all of their opinions, observing how they keep busy and thrive during this period keeps me on my toes. When one of my cousins a mother of five started venting and throwing in the towel yearning for life to get back to normal... I was trying to boost and inspire her... she kept replying to my comments with two words - TOXIC POSITIVITYI think how can finding the silver lining be toxic? How can seeing the light in the darkness be harmful? It is a coping mechanism like anything else. Staying positive, having hope and seeing the good has always been the way that I get through hardships. The mental loop that I feed myself has to be one that pushes me forward.

All people want essentially is to be seen and heard. Sulking is therapeutic in its own way, confronting and voicing deep feelings of frustration can be cathartic. So why deny them or bury them inside? It is brave to share how you feel and then be seen. When I lost my mother, I remember feeling so invisible when people told me that everything happens for a reason... she is in a better place. Those words were an epic fail for me... what did help me was when someone actually saw me, looked me in the eyes, allowed me to cry, speak and feel releasing what I was holding. So now with this global pandemic who is holding the whole world, there is no leadership or higher power telling us everything will be okay. We all need to find our own support to be held...

Right now I feel blessed with life, love, family and opportunity. I have been through my moms illness and loss, business ups and business way downs, pregnancy, childbirth and post partum- have all of these experiences prepared me to face this? Have I done the work? The work is never done... right now my work is finding balance within all of this. Accepting  this new world and being able to thrive in it.

And speaking of thriving I am so proud of our latest product launch... What a labor of love… we had this idea before the lockdown started and wanted  to create a delicious sanitizer with our little spin of adding crystals for good vibes. We ordered all of our ingredients which then got rerouted or couldn’t be delivered bc of the pandemic, designed our labels which were then delivered to my home to be carried into the studio. We finally made this happen after jumping through so many hoops to get here what a victory. This has been one of my most satisfying objects to get out into the universe as service. So excited to see these launch on free people but you can find a few on our website now too.  Making no claims here just a beautiful feel good, small business creative product!
Sending love,

Crystal Infused Hand Sanitizer with Copper Hamsa Charm

Take matters into your own hands… feel joy in taking action to cleanse and protect with positive energy. 

Let crystals bring light and immune boosting vibes. Enjoy the visually pleasing beauty of watching crystals float around in this bottle. Handmade with love at our design studio in New York City. 

Ingredients - Alcohol, aloe vera, essential oils of tea tree, lavender, bergamot and vanilla, infused with healing crystals. 

We used top quality essential oils and ethically sourced crystals, glass bottle, custom labelling and brand pouch - Its so luxe. We are obsessed!

Tea Tree Oil comes from the melaleuca plant in Australia and New Zealand. It is prized for its medicinal properties being anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. 

Lavender is a very soothing oil to allow you to relax and relieve anxiety. It has healing properties that are antiseptic like and anti inflammatory with skin soothing elements. 

Bergamot is a lovely citrus oil that comes from Italy. This oil is joyful and is known to boost your mood and alleviate stress. 

Vanilla is celebrated for its properties as an aphrodisiac and anti- inflammatory. It reduces depression and the lovely smell inspires happiness.

Our hamsa charm and wire on the bottle are made of copper.

Copper has been cherished since ancient times for its renowned health properties. It is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Touching a copper surface has been scientifically researched to kill germs, feel free to further research data on this topic.

Hamsa is an ancient symbol of a hand that represents protection against the evil eye. It means five in Hebrew and Arabic to represent the five fingers on our hands and our five senses. 

Healing Crystal Properties:

Quartz - For clarity, strength and light. 

Green Aventurine - For heart healing, immune-boosting and connection to nature. 

Amethyst- For connection to intuition and anxiety relief. 


Bottle is 2 fluid ounces / 60ml

Made in the USA

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. For external use only, do not ingest or rub in eyes. Flammable. 



Work from home - WFH situation... Not a bad view of greenery and light... and surrounded by all my creations... intention journalmini crystal gridaura quartz coasterhand sanitizer and my heart crystal dish with tuning fork!


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