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The 'PRESENT' Moment Is Here!

Hello Hello,

The 'present giving' moment is here but isn't the present moment always right here and giving?

The present moment allows us the opportunity to act, take charge and be. The present giving moment allows us to share, act on generosity and thoughtfulness. We should also be kind to ourselves, nurture our needs and pursue our desires to move forward.

Sending Love and Light your way,


Setting intentions are like planting seeds, intentions are like precursors that lead us to action.


- The Healing Art of Journaling - 

Journaling is a therapeutic ritual to make a positive impact in your daily life and connect with your purpose. 

Expressive writing promotes mental and emotional clarity, deepening self awareness through the power of storytelling. 


Making sound healing as pretty as it can be. Using tuning forks as a tool to regulate your nervous system is magical. Your nervous system can match the sound frequency the tuning forks carry and bring your entire state of being into harmony. We all know what anxiety in our system sounds like, buzzing, panting, screeching and chaotic. The goal is to learn what calm sounds like and be able to bring ourselves back to a centered state when we face any adversity. Allow the grid to serve as a healing musical instrument with its harmonious aesthetic and sound!

Resonance = when the stars are aligned. ✨✨✨

Heal , meditate and recharge with sound healing paired with crystal healing.  Tap the crystal with the tuning fork to experience harmony.

Many of us are empaths and absorb others energy... a great ritual to decompress is taking a nice bath! Water is such a powerful force to wash us, clear us and leave us renewed. Use our healing crystal bath kits to make your bathing experience pure bliss!

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