The power of the breath... not to be taken for granted - Ariana Ost

The power of the breath... not to be taken for granted

Hello Hello,

Here with a heavy heart for the world right now.

I hope that the #blacklivesmatter movement is an opportunity to learn and grow and make the world a better place. We should come from a place of love to make positive changes. This is an eye opening time for the world to make many deep rooted systemic issues right and find resolve in some capacity. 
In the last few months we have been facing the coronavirus which attacks your lungs and impedes your breathing ability. Now with George Floyd's murder he was filmed while dying saying over and over... I can't breathe, I can't breathe. I am literally sick over this loss. This personally resonates with me as I lost my mother to lung cancer, she died with fluid in her lungs not being able to breathe. It gives me the chills to think about the suffering of not being able to breathe, it is just unimaginable... No one has the right to take your breath away and oppression in any form is just wrong. 

I don't take breathing for granted... oxygenating your body for wellness is a gift and an art. I am trained in yoga with the understanding that the breath carries you through your postures... The breath guides your practice. My favorite yoga teachers that instilled so much wisdom in me on the power of the breath are Jared MccannTalia Sutra and Dharma Mittra. For Cardio I train with Akin of Aarmy and he provides resilience training to build you as an athlete. Athletes use getting out of breath as a training tool to boost their lung capacity and build strength. Getting out of breath during a workout is a positive choice we make. When I practice yoga, spin and go biking I have immense gratitude for the ability to get out of breath and catch my breath NOT from a microbe or from oppression. We use oxygen to calm the nervous system. The nervous system can be in fight or flight mode and calmed down easily with the power of the breath to achieve a place of tranquility within. Having a balanced nervous system allows you to meditate and find your voice and connect deeply with yourself, its a luxury.

I am standing in front of greenery because green is the color associated with the heart chakra. So what is the world trying to tell us with all of these breath and lung related issues? Your heart region where your lungs sit is associated with compassion, love and grief. Right now the world is not feeling these things, there is a sense of being numb. There is so much hatred which is the antithesis of love. We need to breathe in unison and come together through a place of love to activate the power of our heart. In nature when you look at things that are green it recharges your heart chakra. If we were more connected to nature we could be more compassionate and kind. If you are not near greenery close your eyes and visualize it, meditate on it, imagine it. 

I am shaking that my neighborhood in NYC has been rioted, looted and demolished... As a city we were on the cusp of reopening after the long pause from covid... some small businesses are suffering losses that they may never be able to reclaim. What we have to swim out of are deep and treacherous unchartered waters, we are holding our breath, ready to rise up and start breathing again.

Take a deep breathe with a calm energy to inflate yourself like a balloon to fly high in the sky and rise above the chaos and find new harmony together.
Watch my latest IGTV video with a perspective on the world right now through the lens of the breath.

Sending love,

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