shelter in place, shelter your mind to be set free - Ariana Ost

shelter in place, shelter your mind to be set free

Hello Hello,

So after a bit of a pause in content sharing, I am being brave to share my introspective feelings! 

First off - I would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support in communication, business, opportunities and orders, it touches my heart. Under lockdown in NYC now we may be considered non essential but knowing that our products were essential to purchase at this time means so much to me. We have been working so hard to navigate how to keep going... we are so inspired and committed to sharing our wellness vision with the world. For a small family company like ourselves every order counts and matters! Please share our work with anyone who would appreciate the beauty... stare at more stylish walls with our amazing crystal healing designs! So sorry for the delay in deliveries and long lead times we are trying our best to serve! We are not helpless just operating with less help!

Please watch my LATEST just dropped-  IGTV video on instagram @arianaostny with some powerful thoughts and messages reporting live from NYC - the epicenter of the pandemic. I hope that it will resonate with you and inspire some deep thinking...

Here are a few of my thoughts: 

Two weeks ago I woke up with my back completely out... I pulled a muscle or triggered some emotional response... after weeks at home in quarantine doing amazing workouts and having endless energy I was shocked as to what happened. I realized how much information I was consuming and digesting... usually I follow news headlines on a need to know basis or what interests or relates to me. Now I am reading everything that everyone is sending me... so much input, information is but where does it go? What do you do with everything that you read and hear and see? It can cripple you... literally. Your body needs a release there is no space to hold all of the fear we are absorbing. My body was not used to digesting all of this toxic content. My body was telling me to pause, slow down, meditate and rest. I am also detoxing the speed and pace at which my life was moving in the last number of years. I have done so much self work in the last few years to deal with many issues but now the trauma needs to be released for real... Our bodies hold trauma and we need to detox it. The same way we should not eat processed food we need to filter though consuming pure information that. Before this precious time in quarantine life was go go go. We were on autopilot to keep our lives full and busy. So many scheduled plans, goals and ambitions set at the highest bar. Having each day at home is a liberation from obligations… life on pause is such a break physically, mentally and emotionally. At the beginning of the quarantine it was equivalent to shedding, so much comes up and needs to be cleansed. All of our fears and traumas show up to be released and let go. Now I choose what content I want to digest, enjoy and enlighten myself with. I am more disconnected yet more connected than ever. Through social media and technology we can positively connect with all of our loved ones outside of our home and feel like they are integrated in our lives seamlessly.

Some great wellness tips to protect your body from the virus... Every time I go out I gargle with salt water and do the neti pot with saline solution to cleanse points of entry. I also take a hot steam shower everyday and breathe in steam hold it in my nose and lungs to heat up and kill any viral particles I may have encountered... then I end with a wim hof style ice cold freezing rinse to wake up my body and feel refreshed. 

Grateful for painting and cooking at home. Grateful for my home and family. My greatest priority is being a mother to Aurelie and Julian - An aha moment is that these are my children and these are their lives that matter. I am curating this time for them, how I approach this time with positivity will impact them forever. I feel so empowered to teach them in my own way and do whats right for our family. They are learning first hand how to live, love, feel connected and safe. Having a nanny before allows you to miss out on the menial tasks that seem daunting but its in the quiet moments that you truly see your children’s souls shine. We have embraced new routines of prayer, wellness, meditation, yoga, fitness, lots and lots of art creativity, reading, singing, dancing and dreaming
Shelter in place - there is a lot to unpack here…
What is shelter? It is temporary protection… a shield from something harmful, a basic human need, a place to stay. My thoughts are how do I shelter my mind? How do I make my home an energetic sanctuary of wellness? How do I shelter in peace? What rituals and practices will serve me in shelter? Being in a protected place means being held, safe, seen and heard. Being sheltered… has negative connotations of being shielded or having had a sheltered childhood where your parents protect you… but now many of us cannot even see our parents… How do we have independence through our actions… make your space your own… decorate it to bring positivity and light your way, make it a safe space to meditate, breathe, work out, and have expression. With all of this input of data, info and content we need an output as life is a flow, a dance and balance. We must put out creativity, take action how we see fit, serve, act, do and just be. For me journaling, cooking, painting and working have been positive outlets. At our brand our mission is to elevate the everyday… I hope our content and products can shelter your mind, bring peace and beauty into your shelter and allow you to feel joy and light in a time of crisis. 

Closed with a breath meditation -
Take a deep breathe in and with your inhalation imagine bringing in clean pure air with white light hold it in and imagine the air swirling though your body lightening up whatever needs to be released and allowing every dark crevice to be brightened up. Envision taking a paper towel the way you would to wipe down a surface and intenally wipe down all the dirt and toxins you have accumulated and held.
Now let the exhale be longer than the inhale, be like a chimney release all of the dirt, release the trauma you are holding, release any toxins or darkness that is physical, mental or emotional. Feel lighter and clearer now. Keep breathing in life!
This is a scary time but we are here now because our ancestors have survived and thrived. It may be luck, it may be resilience but here we are. Survival is in our DNA, it is our birthright. We are living through history and in a time of pandemic facing almost war like lockdowns from the comforts of our own home. I leave my trust in the universe for giving us what we need and I connect to hope as an energy source to keep me going.  

When you take a step back and pause you can reflect and see more clearly - 2020 is still for clear vision! 

Stay safe and strong through whatever adversity you may be facing.

Sending love,

Out in the world at large... shipping some orders myself packed with love at the studio dropping off at fedex... and my weekly whole foods run all done with love... clear the fear in the air around me and self protect - you need more than a mask for that haha - its a mindset!
Cooking is such a joy... sharing some of my homemade goodness on my food page @ediblejewels
Bringing springtime indoors, collecting some flowers from nature and relishing in their beauty...
Art heals... creative expression is a release! Super cathartic, and inspiring! Being an at home art teacher running a pilot homeschool studio is the most satisfying experience - thanks to my aunt who is a brilliant art teacher for all of the guidance!

  Celebrate the opportunity to be with your loved ones and cohabitants!
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