Redefining mothers day... - Ariana Ost

Redefining mothers day...

It is hard to believe that the 10th anniversary of my mothers passing is approaching this June. Mothers day 2009, a DECADE ago was the last mothers day spent with my mother. The hardest concept about the time passing is how unrecognizable my life would be to my mother. So much has transformed and blossomed in ten years it is a marvel to see.


My mission is to master self love and self care which involves self-mothering, nothing can replace a mother but no one knew her power better than me. If I can find the confidence, trust, love, and belief that my mother had for me then my potential will be limitless. For a very long time grief made me feel frozen and stuck. I rewrote my story as a victim seeing life through the lens of poor me, after losing my mother, the light who kept me going. 


This year was a turning point to soar. I am so blessed beyond comprehension that I believed fear of loving anything as much as I loved my mother would make me feel attached. So I protected myself by disconnecting from my life as is was happening, I was an observer not fully present. I have evolved in my self work to be present in each moment, have gratitude and embody joy and let it sink into my being becoming the signature of my essence.


My soul has lifted, my spirit is higher, my trust in the universe is back.


The birth of my baby boy was a major aha moment, something about this soul forced me to have courage beyond belief and shed any grief left lingering inside of me. I had an awakening that I am a mother, I am their mother, this is a major responsibility that I need to be fully engaged in and inspired by. Their entire upbringing, childhood memories etc relies on me, I nurture them and curate their lives. This responsibility made me see life in a holistic way. Its all connected. Work, family, love… it all flows and connects. If one aspect is broken nothing works. You need to get every dimension of your life together to serve. There are bumps along the way but they are meant to bring awareness and consciousness to what needs attention or to be noticed. 


The work that I create is truly for my family, the lifestyle brand is my home base and outlet for expression. My studio is my home away from home, a place of creation, a space with dynamic energy in a bustling neighborhood full of life. When my daughter comes to the office and I see her sitting with my dad I have an outer body experience, like how could this even be real? Three generations of creativity in one place.


My dreams have taken me a long way… and I believe my mother would be beaming with pride seeing my dad and I work together to heal the world with our decorative objects. We find endless inspiration and enjoy spreading informative wellness content.


My mother’s legacy was to tell the story of her healing journey and that is what we are doing with our products. We are devoted to soul searching, design, connecting with amazing people and building our brand to create a platform rooted in love, yoga, healing crystals and hospitality. The objects we create each have a special purpose in uplifting you to reach your full potential. I hope the items we create can be as helpful to you as they are to us.


Thanks for following our story and believing in the power of meditation and beauty with products crafted of love.


Sending Love and Light,


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