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micro meditation and macro prayer...

Along my spiritual journey I am quenching my thirst for enlightenment by hydrating my soul with meditation and prayer. I have been incorporating rituals and practices to strengthen my spiritual and emotional muscles. Incorporating is an interesting word to think about... the etymology contains 'corp' which is body - so we are literally putting something into our body or forming a new body. When we practice and incorporate metaphysical activity magic gets imbedded into our physical beings.


Meditation and prayer are both energetic practices. Our goal is to be compensated for the energy we put out there so invest in yourself and you will be energetically prosperous.


Prayer and meditation are personal ways to transcend yourself, your environment and circumstances.


Meditation is the Micro concept and Prayer is the Macro.


Meditating is micro as it is within us, we are looking inward. Meditation is a personal practice that slows our mind down, resets our nervous system, uses breath work to calm us. The goal of meditation is to look within and achieve a state of mind that allows us to truly see. Meditation brings you to a relaxed state of being to be more balanced, rational and content. It is doing our deep inner work on ourselves to analyze what needs to be done in the big picture.  We observe and envision during this practice. It is passive as we watch the movie of our thoughts and feel our own energy. After we are done we reflect on our observations and take action with a clearer frame of mind.


Prayer is macro in the sense that we are looking outside of ourselves and connecting to something bigger. Prayer is a profound way to communicate with a higher state of consciousness whether it is g-d or the universe. We are connecting with the divine spirit, the greatness of nature and the power of positive energy. Prayer can consist of conversation, expression of gratitude, connecting with ancient texts, religion, the choices are abundant. Prayer is very active we must be fully engaged and invested in making our pitch to the universe. Being raised closely exposed to Judaism I have always been fascinated by the ancient wisdom within prayer. 


It is my hope that you can discover your own path to looking both inward and outward. Implement exercising a strong sense of spirit through meditation and prayer.


May you achieve energetic tranquility and fulfill the needs of your soul!


Sending Love and Light your way,



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