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Lucky Girl Syndrome + Spring has sprung

Lucky girl syndrome...
It's all over the internet... believing you are the luckiest girl in the world will make you just that. Some girls have a lightness to them, exude a confidence, strength of character. The way we carry ourselves is connected to how our energy and life force is flowing. The power of belief and mindset is imperative to embody the luck be a lady tonight vibe.
Beautiful crystals remind us of lucky charms... nature's unpolished gems with beauty, reflection and shine like no other. 
Crystals have a frequency and vibration we can tune into to channel our lucky girl station. 
I love these graceful photos with glitter, light, airy colors, crystals and ethereal hair. They embody lucky girl syndrome by feeling free and alive.
Our crystal hair ties still taking over tik tok...
Rue the witch with our fringe hairtie!
Victoria Paris obsessed with our dripping stone hair tie
Spring is here! The spring equinox is a powerful time for a fresh start and your time to blossom and bloom.
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