Let's Energetically Elevate Our Nation... - Ariana Ost

Let's Energetically Elevate Our Nation...

Hello Hello,

What a week in the world! Anxiety through the roof with a reprieve of mercury retrograde coming to an end.

The instability of the election process, feeling that we have no leadership, or powers above us in which to place our trust. New York City boarding up as if a nuclear war were coming. Even if we ignore witnessing every store and building shielding itself... We are subliminally registering a sense of fear within... it prompts that voice in your head to question everything. 

The nation is so divided, blue vs red... what about purple (amethyst, lepidolite - I clearly think in crystals...)... How can we go back to our days of glory, of being the greatest nation in the world, one of innovation, devotion to the rest of the world, the leader. I always aspired to be French while living abroad but always had my American ingenuity and values. When I think of the America in my head it's the land of opportunity my grandparents all emigrated to, A home to make their dreams come true... escape oppression, find freedom, liberty and justice for all. I hope as a female entrepreneur to embody all that I am - an American, a New Yorker with opportunity, a wife and mother with hope for my children and family. We all want a place to belong to... lets make it as beautiful and energetically elevated as we can. 

Never more have I felt a need for a forceful anchor to pull me down and ground me, and for an amazing string above me to lift me up to fly. We all need support top to bottom and right now the world is spinning. It is essential to find your center and stay rooted in your values and tap into your intuition. Crystals are my go to's, my rocks literally...

We are so blessed during holiday season to have many many orders to ship... but every day we shut the lights, I wonder will we back tomorrow? What outcome will the election results bring? Will covid resurge in NYC? Then I get a hold of myself and find gratitude... trust in things happening for us not to us! We are still here shipping, designing and producing, when there is a will there is a way! We love our studio, our city our universe and all of you!

Wellness is sensory, mental and visual. We focus on the visuals, the texture, the color, the vibration that can bring upon wellness. Elevate the energy of your protective fields to wear masks with a jewelry approach to design... to add light and joy to your home, to make the gifts you give and receive to be infused with love! Come to Ariana Ost to elevate the everyday experience and know that family and real people created your products with hope, courage and endless inspiration. I am inspired by all the feedback I get and tags on social of how impactful our products are in your life. It makes me feel I am here to serve, heal and share my emotional design journey, the two are so interconnected.


Sending positive energy and love your way,

Add some color and crystal to your space with this rainbow healing crystal garland!
Repurposing our stunning wall hooks as Mask Holders! Have a stylish place to hang your mask... options Parisian key wall hookselenite celestial star wall hook, and our star jewelry hanger! Its so amazing having this hooks handy to store your masks in style to see at the door as a reminder to grab before you go!
New Liberty print fabric and healing crystal mask chains up online! Woo hoo remain to stay safe in style... When worn up looks like earrings and when down a stylish necklace!
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