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Interconnectedness... Energy Is A Superpower

Hello Hello,
Another moment... another chance... another take at life.

What the current interconnected global climate has shown us is how united our global world truly is. A virus originating in China has managed to reach most locations with its rapid ability to spread. How each collective and individual reacts shows their unique energetic signature which can impact the outcome. 

Energy is a superpower, a true force. We can tap in and use it for positive causes, or tune in and pick up any negative feedback or noise around us.

I am an empath which makes me sensitive to energy and I absorb other peoples fears and joys. Over time I have learned to separate myself to bring myself back to whatever moment I may be in and just re set. The media can put an empath in overdrive... keep an antenna up to know what is happening but also plant yourself with deep local roots to where you are so you can stay balanced.

Human needs are simple we need meaning, a raison d'etre, leadership, connectedness, belonging, family, love and safety.

How can we feel safe? This threat is not disappearing anytime soon, but how we fear it or how we accept it will determine how we move forward.

Never lose hope... I hope you can visually meditate on our pieces to help you and your environment find its center with positive energy, light and hope. 

Sending light and love, 
Thank you to our global community for tagging and featuring our designs! We love bringing wellness decor from our quaint studio in NYC all the way to the UK, Australia and Denmark!!!
When you infuse crystals into fluid it changes the molecular structure adding its signature vibrational energy. Healing crystals supercharge this formula energetically and visually... Spray those good vibes onto your hands with this refreshing formula created with so much love its palpable! I love shaking it up like a snow globe and being mystified by watching the crystals float around and do their happy dance. 
crystal stone hand sanitizer in purple amethyst
Some work in progress moments at our design studio!
rose gold crystal grid with quartz point
selenite wall art and assembly of art piece
Postcards from summer... grateful to the sea... my greatest muse and inspiration... every day the ocean has a different energy, movement patterns like we all do, witnessing it makes me feel so connected to the universe. The reflection of light, on the water and in the sky tells such a story at every moment... tune in and observe.
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