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Feed your inner dreamer - lions gate portal

Hello Hello,It is 8/8 today! A very special energetic symbol of the infinite. It is also known as the Lion's gate portal. It is a wonderful time to manifest and set intentions. Never stop believing in the possibility of your dreams. Harness your inner lion or lioness. Lion's represent majesty, strength, wisdom, power, and passion.A wonderful exercise to do is to write your current self a letter from your future self next year. Tell yourself all of the wonderful things you hope to watch unfold and share details. It will unleash your subconscious mind's dream and help your body feel what they will feel like when they happen.Never forget to keep dreaming and upping the game. May you all find flow, stability, happiness and joy on your journey. Take advantage of this special time to tune in to your deepest self.Sending Love and Light your way,Ariana



Stretch Gem Dripping Stones Hair Tie
A unique way to elevate your updo, this so stunning hair tie features dangling stone pendants from a delicate chain and wire-wrapped elastic for effortlessly eye-catching adornment.
This stunning hair tie has gorgeous healing crystals on the elastic for a gorgeous look.  Delicately wrapped crystals elevate your everyday hairstyle and add good vibes. 
Handmade with love in NYC.Available in three colorways!



Layered Ear Party CuffCoolest lightweight ear cuff to hook around your ear so comfortably and dangle crystals. This piece slides on so easily and feels like an ear party. It has so much movement and vibrancy. this one has a cool construction that is double layered to fit seamlessly behind your ear and decorate the front of your ear as well.SOLD AS A SINGLE CUFF. Feel free to order two to have as a pair, or wear as a single for an asymmetrical fashion pop. Features fringe chains and hand-wrapped stones. Magical healing crystals are perfectly paired with delicate brass ear wire.Crystals include -blue calcite-  brings serenity and tranquility, encourages flow, relieves anxiety, eases communication.pyrite- provides luck and positive energy, protection negative or energetic harm, success and prosperity.The front is wrapped with a colorful mix of sead beads. Handmade at our design studio with love in NYC.This will be your favorite go-to fun accessory, perfectly wearable versatile and timeless.Ariana Ost is all about wellness and purity, these earrings capture the essence of the brand with its raw organic unprocessed beauty featured in the crystals and design workmanship. 











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