Decompress with healing rituals... & push your buttons safely - Ariana Ost

Decompress with healing rituals... & push your buttons safely

Hello Hello,

What a week in the world! I am not one to discuss politics however... The presidential debate was so uninspiring!

There was no forward thinking it was all hindsight...

It had me laughing hoping it was an SNL skit... But it also got me feeling down absorbing the low vibration and energy. There was so much bashing and blame. What happened to inspirational leadership, patriotic behavior and overall kindness.

The next morning I needed to tune in with my crystals and do some yoga to re set!

I look to the crystals to emulate their frequency, vibration and color to shine and brighten up my mood. We all need some sunshine and lightness! I was envisioning a world where words have dignity, passion, deep rooted values and connection. 

Our world is in disarray with virus numbers still out of control and no solution in sight... we are living in a brave new world - so how can we be brave? Our healing rituals and communities can carry us through these times and elevate our spirits. I hope that everyone has the tools they need around them to boost mental health and overall wellness.

I try to contribute through my design work and vision as much as I can... Hearing what our pieces mean to many of you warms my heart and keeps me going!
Sending positive energy your way,

Seeing this image makes me want to feel this way. The zen energy radiates from the scene. Sound and crystal healing have such powerful effects. Thank you so much to @indieholisticbeauty for sharing our crystal tuning set in action. In a world of social distancing this photo is extra enticing. Healing modalities and therapies need to be embraced when safe! Shown here is our moon and tuning fork kit.
Brand new Healing Crystal Citrine Ornament! Dreamy ornament made with golden chain and Citrine, a high vibration healing crystal that provides joy and abundance. Citrine connects to your solar plexus chakra for self confidence and willpower. Some crystals contain a rainbow effect and can reflect light. Let it shine! 
Handmade in our NYC design studio with love!

New development!!!

Button Pusher Crystal Grid Pendant Necklace

Functional and versatile button pusher pendant necklace! Adjustable length, carabiner and button pusher can be taken on and off! Use this to not touch buttons or things that may be germy. Or wear as a stunning flower of life healing crystal key aesthetic.

Magnificent flower of life key pendant button pusher wrapped with an amethyst healing crystal. Has a carabiner lobster to remove from jump ring necklace as needed. Has a pulley bead to adjust the length of the necklace easily to shorten to wear and lengthen to reach what you need to. Secured at the back with a stunning herkimer diamond crystal!

Amethyst is for third eye intuition, anxiety relief and dream promotion.

Herkimer diamonds are for strength, clarity and light.

What a treat it was to be on Good Morning America Last week! I was more nervous to watch myself than to film it... You can watch the feature by clicking here...

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