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Coming out of Chaos, Color Therapy & Moon Phases

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September came and went like a bit of a precarious whirlwind for me... I am trying to settle into new routines and get a grasp on life. It got me thinking about chaos, inconsistency and how to navigate it? I felt inspired by the moon phases, how light and shadow are always vacillating. We can show ourselves, hide ourselves, light up the entire sky or just have a low pulse glow hiding behind clouds. Trying to reconnect to my inner moon goddess and embrace every phase and cycle from this blessed life and world we live in.


We are over the moon for this brand new moon phase moon stone crystal grid! Bask in the moonlight with moonstone on moon phase motifs!

Moon phases represent how cyclical life is always morphing and flowing into new phases. We also shine different amounts of light and cast different shadows each day. 

This piece is sure to improve the vibration of your space in a beautiful way. The moon has been almighty and powerful to civilization since the beginning of time and this is our little design tribute to the magic the moon offers us. 

Features a chunk of a stunning raw moonstone healing crystal.

Moonstone is a stone that represents new beginnings, inner growth and strength. It is known to balance emotions by soothing any emotional instability and stress. The affects are calming and balancing. Moonstone is great to enhance intuition and provide inspiration. It has lovely opalescent effects and provides calm like the moon does.

Sending positive energy your way,

So excited about this new collection launch!

Healing Color Series Selenite Bowl
Color visualization is a very powerful therapeutic outlet. Colors are associated with healing different energy centers. There is a strong correlation between color and emotions.

We also included a clear quartz with each color set to charge the crystals, bring strength and reflect light.  
Set Variations Include - 
White -
White is a color associated with the crown energy center. It is a high vibrating color for spirituality and metaphysical growth. It represents purity and pristine energy.
Crystals- clear quartz point, selenite stick, light pink rose quartz, rainbow moonstone, brazilian rough clear quartz
Purple - 
Purple is a color associated with the third eye energy center. Known for its ability to connect to intuition, inner wisdom and dream promoting. Purple is associated with royalty and the color of the deep night sky for awakening.
Crystals-clear quartz point, rough amethyst, lavender rose quartz, lepidolite, rainbow fluorite
Blue - 
Blue is a color associated with the throat energy center. Known for its ability to promote self expression, and enhance communication. Blue is associated with the sky and water which represents calm and clarity.  
Crystals-clear quartz point, kyanite, amazonite, sodalite, blue calcite
Green -  
Green is a color associated with the heart energy center. Renowned for connecting us to nature and greenery which helps relieve grief and promotes love and compassion. Green is in the center of the color spectrum and our eyes do not need to do any adjusting which is why it is instantly soothing to gaze at.
Crystals- clear quartz point, tree agate, green fluorite, fuchsite, green quartz
Yellow - 
Yellow is a color associated with the solar plexus energy center. Known to enhance self confidence, self respect and self will. This is our sunshine center for brightness and joy to illuminate the world with our energy  
Crystals-clear quartz point, yellow calcite, citrine, pyrite, zebra calcite
Orange and Red - 
Orange and Red are colors associated with the sacral and root energy centers. Orange is known to promote passion, creativity bringing forward inspiration and vitality. Red is known to represent physicality and sense of community and belonging. Red symbolizes support, being rooted and feeling grounded. 
Crystals- clear quartz point, orchid calcite, carnelian, red jasper, rough rock citrine

Love the photography by the Free People Team! 

Handmade with love in NYC, this stunning garland features hand-wrapped raw crystals on an embellished chain to add a touch of natural luminance to your space.

  • Each crystal offers a unique healing property
  • 59” in length
  • Hanging loops at each end

What’s Care FP? This product was consciously made to reduce our footprint and supports our mission to be a little bit better every day.

Specifically, this product was Made By Hand by one of our artisan partners, including 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and small businesses creating special, one-of-a-kind pieces in small batches under ethical conditions.

On Friday our office received a 900 pound shipment of just Pyrite!!! Yes 900 pounds - can you even imagine??? My father does all of the ethical sourcing and Sarah does all of the energetic cleansing. We are so excited to have enough of this healing crystal to help with grounding and add some golden sparkle in your life.

How about them apples? A nice analogy for life - take your pick - everything is within your grasp! Reach for the fruit... and savor its impermanence! 

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