call in serendipity and possibility... - Ariana Ost

call in serendipity and possibility...

Hello Hello,
Things have been feeling intense or heavier than usual lately... When that happens - I ask what is this here to teach me? What reminders do I need?

I always come back to gratitude and how to change my emotions, disposition and perspective. I remind myself of everything that I have to be thankful for, what is going well and just seeing the good.

I try to manifest more fun, being lighter and living a more free existence. I remember my childhood friends and family would love to hang out with my parents because they were so much fun... I remember how much my mom made me laugh, like pee in your pants - cannot catch your breath belly laughing. How do I create more of that ease without her being a phone call or visit away?

I always remind myself to leave space for possibility. I love when the unknown plays out and brings in serendipity.

Be open, receptive and connected to your life. Never forget that change is possible and in your own hands... take charge. Life will flow and blossom in ways that you could have never even imagined when you elevate your vibration.

A great idea is to create a vision board imagining what you want to call in. Use crystals and motifs that inspire you to know that the sky is the limit... We create so many visual reminders to promote a wonderful lifestyle though our jewelry approach to wellness design.
Sending positive energy your way,


Mini Triple Quartz Healing Crystal Garland

Celestial Mini Healing Crystal Garland

We came up with the absolute cutest little wall necklaces that are super versatile!

Adorable mini versions of our garlands, these are super portable and a wonderful energetic pick me up to any space. Lovely heart and star chain detailing for extra joy.

Magnificent rough raw hand wrapped semi precious crystals shining bright and assembled into a bejeweled garland with golden chain. 

Illuminate your space with light and shine from the crystals themselves. 

Handmade at our studio with love.

Approx 27" Length

Love our New Citrine Healing Crystal Bolo!

Stunning powerful mixed media necklace. This style is so cool and easy to wear. Lovely healing crystal on leather wrapped with brass to pull up and down to your fancy. This necklace is super bohemian and has a fresh aesthetic. 

Hand wrapped rough crystals in a lovely silhouette.

Citrine is a powerful healing crystal for joy and abundance. Citrine connects to your solar plexus chakra for self will, esteem and confidence. Wearing citrine is like having sunshine with you to add a bright cheerful energy 

I love seeing all the ways our products are displayed and enjoyed all over the world! Keep on sharing!

This Selenite Bracelet is just the coolest healing crystal fashion piece ever! 

And check out the new earrings too - how shiny and dreamy are these?


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