A day to love... - Ariana Ost

A day to love...

Hello Hello, 
On a day that can be triggering for many.
Let's surrender and embrace what we have to love.
Let's not make the day about keeping track of
who sent you wishes; what gifts you received or
taking time to gawk at what others post and flaunt.
Our minds can wander about how wonderful others lives
may appear to be, how adored and cherished or celebrated
some people seem to be, etc etc. Stop the noise and tune in to your own heart.
Come back to the present moment...
We all have something to love and be grateful for in our lives.
Make a journal entry and list every little thing you love about yourself, 
your life and list everyone you love. 
Also maybe even dream a little of what you still yearn for or hope
for someday - make lists of manifestations you would love.Love your selfLove your lifeLove your purposeLove your potentialLove your flawsLove your strugglesLove your growthJust Love Happy Valentines Day! Sending positive energy your way,Ariana
These are just valentines day inspo images -
maybe heart shaped crystal boxes
a good new idea??? Love it!
This heart on heart on heart motif steals my heart!
Offered as a standalone healing crystal dish or as
a sound healing kit with tuning fork! 
Counting the minutes til our hamsa collection is in stock!
This motif is so close to my heart!
I love the crystal approach to color story here and
the ladylike elegant hand!
Ultimate protection coming right up!
A behind the scenes moment at our design studio
mocking up a new heart base prototype for a crystal grid!

Brand new locket just in - Rough Diamond Moon Framing Star Locket


Absolutely delightful contemporary iteration of

a moon and north star locket. The moon are star are such integral motifs

linked to nature, astrology and associated with

dreaming and being hopeful. 

Made of brass and plated in gold ox.

Features one lovely rough diamond.

Obsessed with these adorable handmade heart hoop earrings!

We offer brass with herkimer diamonds or rose gold

with pink rough diamonds! They hang asymmetrically 

when you wear them in the most chic way.  

Being hot and cold has been associated with love and emotions...
But willingly heating and cooling yourself
has profound healing effects!This ritual has been my mental health saving grace.
Willingly putting yourself into uncomfortable situations 
is such a mind game. First take a hot bath or sauna to detox
and sweat then get into a freezing shower or plunge. 
This is the ultimate self care.*(do not do this if you have any underlying heart conditions...
start slow and get your body used to it to
not be a total shock to the system)
Like anything else requires practice!*
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