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Resonate with our new Attune sound healing kits!

Life unfolds in unexpected ways.

John Beaulieu's brilliant sound research has changed my life. 

I discovered tuning forks at my cousin Simone's home in Israel last year. She is an intuitive, intellectual and energetic psychotherapist. I observed her in her sanctuary of a home which has the most inviting energy that just draws you in. After anyone left her office she would clear the space with tuning forks. Simone has worked with children who have faced traumatic experiences and healed them through psychodrama, creative expression and art as a restorative modality. She has a sense for people and her clinical training, extensive academic and emotional education allow her to get to the heart of trauma and heal. The environment that she curates must feel safe to her patients. Since her office is part of her home it must remain balanced and not absorb any of the trauma, grief or adversity that comes in.

The theory of using sound as a cleansing mechanism left me in awe. Tuning forks heal both individuals and the spaces we inhabit.  The sound made me feel so balanced and at ease  with a heightened hypersensitivity to energy while pregnant. Simone used the vibration of sound and the energy of crystals to make her home charged with love.

After my son was born, I wanted to take the Ariana Ost brand to the next phase as well introducing tools to heal, and inspire with our unique aesthetic. 

My father and I serendipitously connected with John and Thea the creators and primary researchers of Biosonics sound healing and the synergy of attune was born! 
 We merged our decorative objects with their impactful tuning forks and wisdom on a mutual quest for universal wellness.

 We chose to name this project attune because the meaning of the word is so in line with the effect of the products... Attune means to make receptive, aware, or harmonious.

Our mission is to help curate energetically beautiful environments to make your dreams and vision of lifestyle possible. 

Sending Love and Light your way,

Available combinations with our lovely floral dish that come in our signature branded keepsake box packaging:

Gold with Rose Quartz

Tap the Jupiter Crystal Tuner to bring the energy of abundance, good luck, good fortune. Tuned to 2937.28 cycles per second. Release the frequency and vibration of Rose Quartz to feel the energy of love and peace.
Rose Gold with Fuchsite

Tap the Jupiter Crystal Tuner to bring the energy of abundance, good luck, good fortune. Tuned to 2937.28 cycles per second. Release the frequency and vibration of Fuchsite to feel the energy of heart healing, connect with nature and your inner sparkle.  
Silver with Quartz

Tap the Moon Crystal Tuner to help balance your emotions, slow yourself down, bring emotional tranquility, softness and a go with the flow feeling. Tuned to 3366.72 cycles per second. Release the frequency and vibration of QUARTZ to feel the energy of strength, power and energy.

We are constantly exposed to 'noise', noise can consume our energy. We can choose resonance or dissonance with the sounds around us.

We should be like a brilliant conductor making our life a symphony. The tuning forks allow you to go inward and restring your body like a musical instrument. Imagine the sounds of your body buzzing with delight and becoming harmonious after listening the the special sounds of the tuning forks. The long lasting layers of overtones linger to impact your energy and leave you in tune with bliss.

Tuning forks allow our nervous system to come into perfect balance. With the crystal tuner we can access the energetic vibration within healing crystals and release their frequency into sound. 

Each planet has an energetic association that we can access through the tuning forks tuned to the planets frequency i.e.cycles per second. Jupiter is known for abundance and joy and the moon is known for a relaxing and romantic vibe. We combine different planetary crystal tuners with vibrant healing crystals to allow you to access the balance and magic you need.  
A glimpse of summer at our studio - Ariana with London the Maltipoo featured along a backdrop of wall hangings!
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