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Emmoliate your space... soften your life

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We all need time to ourselves to restore, recharge and tune inwards.This fall I have been prioritizing being social, spending time with friends and family, and getting involved at my children's school. We are social creatures and nothing is more fulfilling than support. I go to pick my kids up at school everyday and those brief encounters with their teachers and friends just light me up... the smiles, praise and sense of belonging we all feel there is unparalleled. Last weekend I went away with my sister in laws... I had never spent that kind of time with them outside of full family time. What a different dynamic to be ourselves, confide in each other, laugh and indulge in just living. We pampered ourselves with spa time... I then realized all of the anti aging rituals and serums my skin needs and my heart desires as I approach 38 this weekend. It got me thinking not to resist aging as I am happy where I am but to be prepared for it and embrace emolliating the experience. We should all emolliate our lives in advance to soften and ease into it all. Looking our best should mean feeling our best, beauty reflects outwards from within. Our designs are also meant to emmoliate (Emollient is from Latin emolliere, "to soften"; to emolliate is to soften or make effeminate. ) your space. Adding beautiful objects that matter and make you feel something is our purpose. We design into rituals and elevate the aesthetic of wellness. We hope the intention and love we put into each and every design truly shines for you.I hope that everyone can pursue your tribe and living in your best vibe.
Sending positive energy your way,Ariana
Dreamiest free people light strings in stock for holiday decor and gifting! Healing crystals illuminated what can be more beautiful? 
A very pivotal moment for our brand sneak peek... Behind the scenes in creating the dreamiest fine art piece.We used healing crystals and our jewelry approach as our artistic medium.We envisioned out a stunning pattern that is visually pleasing and color centric. I love the way looking at this piece makes me feel.Selenite sticks map out the pattern to house waves of hand crushed crystals. We showcase clear quartz, rose quartz, blue calcite, yellow calcite, amazonite and green quartz, lepidolite and amethyst and pyrite.This piece is meant to evoke a feeling of calm, joy, flow, and shine beautifully wherever it lives. Healing crystals are natures gems and should be displayed to gawk at and marvel at their beauty.We are so proud of this piece. It is a true labor of love, hand crushing each and every stone to get the scale needed, cutting logs of selenite to get the faceted sticks, matting the canvas on the frame, creating the pattern, setting and placing each and every stone. Each piece will be made to order with some natural variance in the stones.When I gaze at this piece I feel it is a culmination of my travels, studies of art history, appreciation of nature, knack for color, and intuition to visually express emotion.Email us to order yours now... It will be added online once it is photographed in a way worthy of its spectacularness.
Lovely getting tagged in such beautiful curated moments by our clients!
Lockets back in from the caster and plater at our design studio... Clock and moon lockets. So much love went into designing the original wax sculpted prototypes. I was inspired by Georgian and Victorian lockets for the moon and star... and inspired by the clock at the musee dorsay in Paris. So much emotional significance went into these designs as well... The clock locket is set at 11:11 to make a wish and for time to stand still, use your mind or meditation practice to transport you to the past, present or future moment. 
Photos captured by my brother in laws very talented girlfriend. A weekend immersed in wellness and nature can restore and inspire awe.
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