All the quarantine feels... high high's low low's - Ariana Ost

All the quarantine feels... high high's low low's

Hello Hello,

These days in quarantine are like a roller coaster... I find the energy of each day to be so volatile and diverse. One day I wake up feeling like I got this... and anything is possible, I cook, do crazy yoga classes, bake, write, create, paint and am unstoppable. Other days I am so lethargic or moody where I cannot complete tasks properly, my thoughts spiral and my patience wears. I wonder if it is the weather, whatever I am holding emotionally or just being so in tune with energy. This is a crazy yet amazing time in the world how do we even process all of this? Impossible so it brings me back to the present moment and finding gratitude on being safe, and feeling ok. I want to feel all the feelings and not repress them to truly understand myself. I try to build mental muscle memory and feed the good thoughts. The fine line I cross is not ignoring the anxious, down, fear based mental load but finding ways to comfort it to keep it at bay.

As far as work we have been so touched by all of the interest in our brand.. it makes me feel fulfilled to know that wellness and design matter to so many people. As far as the office my father figured out how I can print remotely which makes WFH so much easier... We have our sample makers doing homework to assemble our pieces with love to fulfill orders. So many moving parts to put together... I have so many new ideas brewing and I cannot wait to create at the pace I was used to before. Right now I am finding stillness in our offering and gratitude in creating objects that matter to so many people around the world during this very special time.

Believe it or not as many people I have been baking bread... and I have been learning so much and relating to life. Rise, rest, proof, shape, bake, savor. The rise is symbolic, we all need a sprinkle of yeast or starter to come into ourselves and have a sense of inflated confidence and courage. We need to rest to ease into ourselves, melt, mold, find stillness and form our thoughts, like a meditation. We need to proof ourselves, and prove ourselves just for being, existing, creating and loving. We need to shape ourselves like yoga we form into many different poses that are expressions. We bake and cook lets our thoughts and beliefs marinate and set. We savor, enjoy the sensory experiences life has to offer and small victories like baking bread, painting, shipping orders out, taking a bike ride, inhaling fresh air, and getting into our favorite yoga poses. The biggest learning is patience... enjoy the journey and all the steps in the process and allow the need for instant gratification to subside.

I hope that my feelings resonate with you. I would love to hear more ideas into what to create... what are you craving or envisioning? We love and value input! 
On the horizon is a tree of life grid. Like a tree we stand rooted, tall, proud, and our leaves and branches may rustle around by strong winds around us but they come back to center and oxygenate the world with life.
Sending love,

We have just added a magnificent blooming floral of life grid page as well... so three coloring sheets are available now!

Color your fancy with our iconic brand imagery. Stay inspired with these coloring sheets for you or your littles ones to get creative. Add color and light in the way you envision... use paint, crayons, markers or pencils to bring our motifs to life. Click to download and share the love... Inspired by original artwork from our chakra and yoga pose wall hangings, healing crystal grid along with coaster motifs of stars and floral wreaths.

Please share your artwork with us and tag #athomewitharianaost
Our cast herb sticks have gotten a major spike in sales, we are so happy they are being put to good use... See some photos submitted from a customer who restored her herb stand!
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