A holiday card to bring you to tears... - Ariana Ost

A holiday card to bring you to tears...

Hello Hello,
Above find a little holiday photo of me and my children in a down-dog yoga trio... inspired under an array of rainbow healing crystal designs!

In the whirlwind of holiday orders and gifting season... sometimes we can lose site of how personal this all is. We print tons of orders, see and sort by number, style etc. However I take the sense of responsibility so seriously. Every order that comes in is a name, a person, a soul, a story. Each item is a choice, a gift for a loved one or for one self. This is greater than us...  Every click to order is a decision to support a small business, to share art and creativity with a jewelry approach to design and explore the beauty of healing crystals. A choice to elevate ones everyday experience.

One of the orders came my way with a card requested to be included in the package and I hand wrote the gift card myself. I was brought to tears... It crystallized to me exactly WHY I do what I do. My sense of purpose was reaffirmed.

I reached out to the customer and got permission to share her words... She wrote to me
 "I'm touched you thought what I wrote was beautiful, it came from the heart. I have always loveddd the pieces you've made, and I finally get to gift it to someone special. You can absolutely use what I wrote in your newsletter! Thank you for the lovely work and energy you put out into the world. "
The gift note read...

"MERRY CHRISTMAS 2020. This is something special for you to grow with in life. Anywhere you go and live you can take this with you and harness the lessons you've learned along the way, and memories you've made in your family home ❤. One day you can show your kids this too and hang it up in your own house as your power & peace center. I want you to look at this and always let it bring you peace, clarity, unconditional love, support, guidance, and the power to meditate & manifest exactly the life you are destined to live. You know I'm always in your corner no matter what (':"

This note brought a rush of emotions to me bringing me to tears wondering what my own mother would write to me if she were still here... I was so comforted to show it to my father slash business partner and it felt like a message from above. It inspires us to both keep going and fighting for this journey and path to make people feel like they matter through our creations and hard work.

Below find the special piece she purchased to be a family heirloom in the image - Our linear flower of life crystal grid wall hanging!
Sending positive energy your way,

London the maltipoo my brand mascot at work!
Our magnificent bundles are finally here... This stunning keepsake box has a lovely magnetic closure and dreamy gold foil details to swoon over.

We put together two assortments... many more to come. Introducing the unwind and journal kit and the out the door quit set!
Tune in to instagram on @arianaostny stories to see the behind the scenes process at our design studio and see the team in action!
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