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Intuition Pendulum Necklace

Intuition Pendulum Necklace

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  • Hand MadeHandcrafted in NYC
  • IconMade with Recycled Metals
  • ArianaEthically Sourced Crystals
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Y necklace silhouette with lobster closure removable pendulum. Versatile to wear the healing crystal close to your heart or to remove and use ad an intuitive tool.

Tap into your inner intuition and psychic ability with this healing crystal reactive pendulum. Hold the chain and ask, 'show me yes' then ask 'show me no’. Make note of the direction the pendulum swings that indicates your yes and your no. Then ask any question you desire to see if its a yes or no, so you can connect with the expression of your gut instinct. Stone is rose quartz for love, peace and feminine beauty to align with the heart chakra.

Each pendulum is made with a copper, star & moon motif jewelry cap paired with copper chain. Copper is an amplifier and serves as an energy conductor to strengthen the magic and power the crystals possess. 

Wear this playful piece around to allow your heart and mind to guide you if you are receptive to listening. Use for fun and to harness the power the stones offer, do not rely on this beauty to make all of your decisions just use it as a guide.

Rose quartz is a powerful high vibration crystal to evoke peace and love. Use this stone to promote harmony and romance in your life and environment. Pink is a very soft color merging the root red chakra and the crown white chakra centering us. Rose quartz is associated with the heart.  It is highly protective as the strongest frequency is that of love in the universe.

Amethyst is a high vibration healing crystal. It is known to provide anxiety relief, and promotes dreams and sleep. Amethyst connects us to our third eye chakra for tuning inwards. Our third eye holds our ability to see within and manifest from our sense of intuition. Throughout history purple has been a color associated with royalty.

Blue Sodalite is a wonderful healing crystal for emotional balance. It is known to be calming stone and helps to boost a sense of self trust. It brings a sense of order and calmness to the mind. It is powerful to aid expression through the throat chakra which is symbolized by the color blue. It symbolizes truth and intuition. This stone is celebrated for helping clear out toxic vibes. As well as dissipating a sense of guilt or fear.

Dimensions - necklace length 23" - Pendulum chain attachment section 9" Crystal - 2" length - .75" width at top.
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