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Herkimer Diamond Star Wall Hanging

Herkimer Diamond Star Wall Hanging

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  • Hand MadeHandcrafted in NYC
  • IconMade with Recycled Metals
  • ArianaEthically Sourced Crystals
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Introducing the Herkimer Diamond Star Wall Hanging, a timeless classic that will instantly brighten any wall or space. This stunning piece features twinkling crystals hand linked in a rosary-like aesthetic, adorned with gorgeous golden laser-cut brass stars. The multiple star motifs cascading in this delicate design create an enchanting display that adds a touch of magic to any room.

Tap into the healing effects of crystals and the power of herkimer diamonds and quartz with this wall hanging. These natural gemstones bring strength and positive energy to your surroundings, creating a harmonious atmosphere. Whether it's in your home, garden, or office, this piece is the perfect pick-me-up that can be easily moved around to brighten any area as you please.

Handmade with love in NYC, this wall hanging is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials. Made of brass, crystal, herkimer diamond, and quartz, it combines jewel-like metal stars with delicate hand-wrapped jewel-like beads, adding an exquisite touch to your decor.

  • Enhance your space: The Herkimer Diamond Star Wall Hanging illuminates any room, adding a touch of elegance and charm. Its twinkling crystals and golden stars create an enchanting atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression.
  • Harness the power of crystals: This wall hanging features herkimer diamonds and quartz crystals, known for their healing properties. They bring positive energy and strength, promoting balance and harmony in your environment.

Elevate your decor and make a statement with the Herkimer Diamond Star Wall Hanging. Its length of 43" adds a dramatic effect, making it a captivating focal point in any space.

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