What do you want to call in? thoughts as food. - Ariana Ost

What do you want to call in? thoughts as food.


Hello Hello,

What do you want to call in?

Human body parts have been symbolic since the beginning of time. We incorporate universal symbols of hope, protection, nature and beauty into our designs.

It is all in your own hands... Keep an eye on the prize.

Life is about chasing our feelings... past, present and future.We hold onto our past to resolve it, digest our present, and plant seeds for a hopeful future.

I have been consumed with the content on my own mind... what a place to be when there is time and space on my side. Keeping busy numbs a lot that is lurking in there, the pause and reflection can sting, however once the pain is resolved you have cleared the runway for takeoff.

I am trying to view my thoughts as food and cultivate how I want to nurture myself. Do I want a seven course complex meal, or fresh simple ingredients? Do I crave locally grown produce with home cooked meals i.e. thoughts that are my own original content, or rather take out thoughts catered or prepared by someone else? There are so many options on the menu. Which will serve me best and like food we thrive on variety and eating the rainbow.

Diets fluctuate based on needs and goals... you may be looking to boost immunity, heal from an illness, build muscle, lose weight, or just enjoy yourself. Our goals fluctuate so use your thoughts to feed your present needs with a future goal in mind. The body and mind is quite resilient so use your fuel wisely. Examples of mind goals could be thinking and feeling abundance, high self esteem, using positive self talk, empowerment, success, secure, joy and inspiration. Minimize judgement, jealousy, anger, low self esteem and negativity.

I want to weed my mind like a garden and fertilize growth and potential to actualize. I hope to eat nutrient dense foods, minimize sugar and fluff as its a false high with a crash to follow. Keeping a diet without indulgence or any decadence can feel too spartan. We all need to strike a balance personal to us on our health and wellness journey and tweak it day by day to satisfy our needs. Same with thoughts, everyday has its own trajectory, to manifest and work on goals we need bouts of consistency and repetition to master our desires.

I do realize as I get older that there is NEVER a point where we feel like we have arrived. Progress is a moving target to keep reaching for. I am working on spicing my thoughts and mind with love, some comfort, stimulation, and nourishment.

We have to keep our intellect sharp, our ego at bay, our dreams top of mind, and surround ourselves with others whose thoughts and conversations lift us up.

Collective thinking is powerful. Cultures and societies tend to think and eat the same way. One of the most challenging things is to be lonely, or be surrounded by people but feel lonely because you are different. Build your tribe, the law of attraction is real, as you evolve and grow on your journey those who need to meet you along the way will. There is always nuance when you dig deep, you hit treasure.

Be vulnerable, share your passions and dreams suddenly you will have safely landed in a new place, fresh and ready to enjoy the trip that is life with work and play. Progress is not always linear, marvel at the organic formation of your thoughts and sculpt them to your taste.

Sending positive energy your way,



The moment I have been waiting for! Finally announcing - in stock now!The Ariana Ost Hamsa Healing Crystal Grid The hamsa is finally here! A historic icon to ward off the evil eye and serve to protect. We reinvented the aesthetic adding a soft feminine touch to the hand. We hand crushed crystals to create the eye in ombre colors. We added lovely healing crystals to the finger tips and ring to sparkle and shine.Black Tourmaline - is a high vibration powerful healing crystal that represents ultimate protection. It protects against negativity and absorbs electromagnetic energy. It is a very grounding stone to dispel harmful energy and make us feel safe. Blue Apatite -  manifestation, attunement to the future, wisdom.Blue Calcite-  calm, tranquility, flow.Sodalite-   calming, enhances self esteem, communication.Pyrite- for success, luck, grounding.Herkimer Diamond- strong amplifier of energy, use for visualization and protection.Clear Quartz- for strength, light, reflection.  



Just in!!!!
Recharge Your device - Phone Stand - Decorative Charger 
A decorative station to put your phone AWAY to be present in life and reduce your EMF exposure!
A beautiful floral charging station with healing crystals for a sacred place to rest your device. In todays age our phone brings us a lot of luck and guides our destiny from dating apps, business emails, social connections, studies and learning, social experiences, and memory making. Don’t we need a mantle to rest our phone give it a break and infuse it with good vibes? We selected crystals to enhance the luck our phones can bring us!
  • Rose quartz for peace and love.
  • Black tourmaline to protect against negative energy and electromagnetic fields.
  • Quartz for energy and strength.
  • Amethyst to manifest our dreams, relieve anxiety and tune into our intuition.
  • Citrine for joy and abundance.
Perfect to let your phone soak up the crystal energy overnight to give it a break, or elevate and use your phone during the day at home or on your desk to keep phone propped up at eye level, reduce neck pain and be aesthetically pleasing! Ariana Ost thrives on creating objects to use to elevate our everyday experience and designs through a lens of emotional conviction and romance.





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