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this is MEGA...

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Hello Hello,
What we wear helps tell our story to express ourselves via wearable art. The fashion in which we present ourselves is a peek into our personal ethos. Our apparel choice can be a blank canvas to allow accessories to pop and shine.

By wearing a specific necklace we can evoke playfulness and communicate our inner emotional state.  A necklace can be subtle or bold, it can be a delicate personal memento or fulfill an inner need to be seen.

A necklace to be worn close to your heart or draped on your body is such a personal choice. We can wear a sentimental heirloom or make new memories with a fresh piece and share our identity with the world.

Being a jewelry designer for so many years I have had the luxury of versatility with my choice of baubles. 

My necklace choices are like a code language my very own lexicon. This piece de resistance featured here is my latest LOVE, current obsession, its mega, its bold, unstoppable, vibrant, and whimsical.

The aesthetic is expressing where I am in life, a playful mom, a designer, a wellness aficionado and a fashionista.

I love the melange of mixed media materials, liberty fabric from London, brass details my sample makers execute with love and a major chunk of healing quartz crystal from Brazil that can power you up with an energetic supercharge. 

Hope you love this piece as much as I do!
Sending Love and Light your way,
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