The Zoe Report Feature... Ariana Ost - Ariana Ost

The Zoe Report Feature... Ariana Ost

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So proud to be interviewed on the Zoe Report! You can have a full read of the article here... What an honor to be featured along side other renowned crystal aficionados!

For my fan base you can have a full read on my interview below - most of which did not get published... you can learn more about crystals and understand my perspectives!
-What are crystals? 
Crystals are gems from the earth and true marvels of nature. They are formed from geometric or grid like patterns of microscopic atoms or ions coming together to create a crystalline structure. 
-What are healing crystals specifically? 
Healing crystals are specific groupings of crystals commonly used as a wellness modality. Using crystals with the intention of healing physically, meta physically, emotionally or spiritually, is a great way to achieve the therapeutic effects from the positively charged frequencies emitted by crystals.
The energetic vibrations of crystals can bring our nervous systems into harmonic resonance. Humans easily absorb energy and can balance emotional states by tuning in to crystals.
I also want to state that I am not making any specific healing or medical claims, every case is personal and these crystals are purely known to help and enhance ones lifestyle. 
-Which crystals are classified as healing? 
Some examples of healing crystals are listed below and are prized for their positive energetic effects.
Quartz crystal represents strength and reflects light, it is a neutral master cleanser, choose this if you could only pick one. A fun fact about quartz’s powerful effects is that it has the ability to power watches as an oscillator conducting an electrical charge.
Rose quartz is known for love and peace.
Citrine is like sunshine attracting abundance and joy, known to boost self esteem and confidence.
Green fuchsite is a heart healing stone also wonderful to use green as color therapy to connect with nature
Amethyst promotes dreams, connects to your third eye for intuition and helps relieves anxiety.
Pyrite is grounding and can help you call in success and luck.
Black tourmaline is known to be protective and wards off negativity. It has effects like a carbon filter to absorb negativity and emf waves.
-Do certain healing crystals differ from other healing crystals–does each one have specific uses within the healing category? 
There are many different categories of crystals, you can specify them by their color palette. Color therapy and visualization can impact healing or connecting to our bodies various energetic chakra centers. 
Healing crystals are also a wonderful tool to enhance sound healing rituals with tuning forks, the stronger the crystal is the better utilized it will be for sound therapy. 
You can also differentiate water safe and non water safe crystals… if crystals are water safe you can include them in your bath rituals etc. 
-How should you use healing crystals?
Tapping into the power of crystals requires you to connect with your stones to do so. Think of a beautiful journal, it would be empty if you didn’t fill the pages with content. Rinse your crystals to cleanse them, or charge them in the moonlight. Set intentions with them to help manifest your dreams. 
At Ariana Ost we take a jewelry approach to designing with healing crystals for you and your home. Adorn yourself in crystal jewelry to wear close to your heart or enhance the energy of your environment and showcase your crystals as home decor. 
-What should skeptics know about healing crystals? 
Skeptics should know that nature offers many healing dimensions… bring crystals into your space the way you would bring home an indoor plant without questions. We all know that indoor plants can help purify the air, provide therapeutic effects of connecting to greenery and be mood boosting. Bringing crystals into your space is as intuitive as collecting rocks from the beach or a special trip, we are naturally drawn to objects of nature. 
Sending positive energy your way,

This stunning bride @macy___baker wearing our showstopper necklace on her big day. Seeing our designs as such an integral part of such a special occasion warms my heart beyond words. This photo of our celestial necklace is so dreamy. Incorporate healing crystals and wear them close to your heart.

This is an awesome go to feel good kit of specialty healing crystals. Ethically sourced stones in an adorable keepsake pouch to use and take wherever you go! Includes 9 small crystals.

Amethyst - for anxiety relief, dream promotion, connection to intuition. 

Rose quartz - for peace, love, compassion. 

Clear quartz - for strength and light. 

Citrine - for joy and abundance, self esteem and will boost. 

Aquamarine - for calm soothing balancing energy. 

Blue calcite - tranquility and expression. 

Sodalite - emotional balance, calm and boost for self trust. 

Black tourmaline - for protection and to dispel negativity. Filter and Absorb EMF's.

Carnelian - for goddess like feminine energy and creativity. 

Love being tagged and seeing the joy our products bring!

Water is one of my greatest sources of calm and inspiration to represent life force and flow.

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