Perfect symphony of magnificent chaos... designs as visual meditations! - Ariana Ost

Perfect symphony of magnificent chaos... designs as visual meditations!

Hello Hello,

As tension in the world landscape rises... At Ariana Ost we try to zoom in on light, gratitude and creating beautiful pieces to serve as visual meditations.

See our Rainbow sunburst rose gold grid illuminating a beach scene I captured this weekend.

Views of nature never get old, every day they tell a different story. The ocean changes based on the light, wind and seasonal conditions. Some days are calm and tranquil as can be others are stormy and tumultuous. We all ride on these natural rhythms and waves with our emotional states. Grounding exercises like yoga, meditation, chakra balancing and sound healing all help to keep us in our center!

With holiday season ramping up... our studio is a design and production machine... seeing all the materials everywhere, paperwork, packing and shipping - its like a perfect symphony of magnificent chaos. We are so excited to be such a special part of everyones gift giving and decorating!

Sending positive energy your way,


Selenite garland! Prefect for holiday comes with LED lighting to illuminate your space with light and the shine from the crystals themselves. Selenite has such a special brightness inherent to it. Handmade at our studio with so much love. Selenite Crystals ethically sourced from Morocco. 

I always love seeing what the Free People photo team does with our products! Our holiday decor and ornaments just started dropping online. Also we are now part of CARE FP a new initiative - what an honor!


"What’s Care FP? This product was consciously made to reduce our footprint and supports our mission to be a little bit better every day.

Specifically, this product was Made By Hand by one of our artisan partners, including 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and small businesses creating special, one-of-a-kind pieces in small batches under ethical conditions."

A little curated Sound Healing moment... Crystal dishes, Chakra Crystal Grid and tuning forks gone gorgeous with a jewelry approach to design. Balance your nervous systems with harmonic sound resonance in style!

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