2021: it's all about "the one" - Ariana Ost

2021: it's all about "the one"

Hello Hello,
2020 was for clear vision right? So did this year crystallize things for you?

I know how hard this year was for so many people in the world and I see you.

I am very grateful to have had the time to connect more deeply with myself and family and envision my path more clearly to pursue what matters. I feel that I have a renewed appreciation for the little things in life.

After experiencing 2020 we all know that you cannot plan... This year kept us grounded, local, and in the present moment. Is 2021 time to dream big again... find renewed hope... and courage to embrace life?
2021 it's all about the one... what is the one anyway? The one is the notion of this is it... I have arrived... 
Focus on being one with yourself, the universe, your purpose and your loved ones. 

When you find the one your life just begins to flow. Whether it is through romance, friendship, a pet, starting a family, a business, a job, a hobby, a passion, or a workout. When we align with something we connect to it, we balance ourselves and we strengthen our power. Let this year be about unity, togetherness and feeling centered. Being in flow state means that everything is connected... all the pieces of the puzzle just fit.

When your core beliefs and emotions are in a positive place the rest of your life is fueled by a positive charge.

For our brand we are so grateful what that this year taught us. We saw the market need of making your home a sanctuary, adding healing energy, beauty and love. We realized how powerful crystals are, its like bringing a magical piece of nature into your space! 2020 made your home your everything i.e. where you live, rest, create, teach, work, do exercise and find safety from the outside world. We are dreaming up many new designs for 2021. We will add more special things to make you feel good, to have for yourself or to gift and share with others. Our mission continues to be to elevate the everyday experience through wellness. You and your space need to be well, to thrive, to glow, to shine and be a happy place.

Happy new years everyone - Cheers to you...

Sending positive energy your way,
Its been so much fun being tagged in everyones holiday magic! Here are a few story mentions I loved!
Last weekend London the maltipoo was my sunset beach moon gazing date! Connecting so deeply with nature more often has been the silver lining of my year and will be a non negotiable going forward. We all crave greenery, water views, sunlight, moonlight, and twinkling stars to remind us just how marvelous our world is.
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