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Warm Tone Rainbow Healing Crystal Garland

Warm Tone Rainbow Healing Crystal Garland

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  • Hand MadeHandcrafted in NYC
  • IconMade with Recycled Metals
  • ArianaEthically Sourced Crystals
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Introducing the exquisite Warm Tone Rainbow Healing Crystal Garland, a captivating piece that will add a touch of enchantment to any space. Handcrafted with care, this bejeweled garland features a radiant arrangement of rough raw hand-wrapped semi-precious crystals, delicately suspended on a golden chain.

Illuminate your surroundings with the mesmerizing radiance emitted by these precious gems. Each crystal in this garland has been carefully selected for its unique properties and warm palette, specially curated to align with your lower chakras – the root, sacral, and solar plexus.

The Warm Tone Rainbow Healing Crystal Garland includes a collection of eleven crystals. Let's discover the delightful qualities of these 11 crystals:

  • 2 Citrine crystals – evoke joy and abundance, bringing light and positivity into your life.
  • 2 Yellow Calcite crystals – embody hope and motivation, awakening your inner potential and drive.
  • 2 Sunstone crystals – promote luck, vitality, and good fortune, infusing your days with positive energy.
  • 2 Fire Quartz crystals – provide grounding and clarity, helping you find balance and focus in your journey.
  • 3 Carnelian crystals – ignite passion, creativity, and fertility, empowering your creative expression.

This remarkable garland, measuring approximately 59" in length, is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Each crystal is meticulously handpicked and wrapped with love in our studio. Its undeniable charm and healing properties make it a perfect addition to your sacred space.

Experience the transformative power of crystals as you hang the Warm Tone Rainbow Healing Crystal Garland, radiating vibrant energy and captivating beauty. Don't miss your chance to infuse your surroundings with harmony and positive vibrations.

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