Kid's Mask Chain - Liberty Floral Fabric and Amethyst Healing Crystal

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Whimsical mask chain made with healing crystal amethyst stalactite slices. Liberty fabric garden bunches with pink and purple florals stitched with two precious bows. 

When worn down it looks like a necklace when worn up and mask is on it looks like earrings!!! Amethyst has properties to reduce anxiety, connect you to your intuition and promote dreams. Stalactite showcases the beautiful inherent properties of gems forming together. Perfect piece to wear with your mask of choice and have handy when needed. Jewelry approach to design for a functional item. Make protective gear into a bejeweled statement. Incredible brass hooks that look beautiful and serve a great function.  Versatile style with healing crystals. Handmade in NYC with love. 

Made of Cotton Fabric, Brass and crystals. 
*Mask not included*
SKU- A1060

Not intended for use in children under the age of three.