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The Dark Beauty Healing Crystal Selenite Charging Bowl

The Dark Beauty Healing Crystal Selenite Charging Bowl

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  • Hand MadeHandcrafted in NYC
  • IconMade with Recycled Metals
  • ArianaEthically Sourced Crystals
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Selenite is a very powerful healing crystal, it is named after the ancient Greek moon goddess Selene. Selenite is a spiritual stone that brings peace and tranquility by dispelling negativity with its protective force. Shift the energy to be more positive in your space with this glistening white healing crystal. 

Ethically sourced polished selenite bowl from Morocco. Selenite is known to charge and cleanse crystals making it a perfect vessel to store your crystals.

The Dark Beauty Healing Crystal Mix in Scalloped Selenite Charging Bowl comes with 4 loose crystals...

Smokey Quartz alleviates fear, helps lifts depression and diffuse negativity. It brings a sense of emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety. It gently neutralizes negative vibrations and is detoxifying, also helps to protect against electromagnetic frequencies.

Clear Quartz, a high vibration healing crystal that provides strength, power and clarity. Clear quartz has a rainbow effect and can reflect all colors. It is a light conductor and enhances intuition, spirituality and metaphysical connection. Let it shine! 

Black Tourmaline is a high vibration powerful healing crystal that represents ultimate protection. The color black is the absorption of all colors which symbolizes power. It has lovely streaks that reflect light. It protects against negativity and absorbs electromagnetic energy. It is a very grounding stone to dispel harmful energy and make us feel safe.

Rhodonite is a strong spiritual energy crystal.  It helps enhance feelings of harmony, compassion, and peace.  It is a personal healing crystal by clearing away feelings of past wounds and emotional panic. It nurtures forgiveness of self and others to create a feeling of calmness and confidence. 

Bowl is 10m diameter accompanied with 4 loose crystals 

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